Guest Tables or Kota Grill, Petite Suisse Bourguignonne in Val Suzon (21 – Côte d’or)

La Petite Suisse Bourguignonne offers you a warm atmosphere around a family and refined table d'hôtes on the outskirts of Dijon.

Table d'hôte formula at € 27.50 per person (€ 15 for children under 12)
A complete menu served on the plate, including: local aperitif kir or fruit juice, a starter, a main course, cheese and dessert, tea or coffee, wine included. Wine list in supplement.

Table d'hôte formula in Kota Grill at € 35 per person
Discover an atypical atmosphere in Kota Grill Finlandais for a convivial dinner.

"Kir" aperitif, starter, entrecote, braised potatoes, cheese, dessert, coffee or tea. Formula available from 6 people including wine. Wine list in supplement.

Reservations required in advance for the table d'hôtes or the Kota Grill.
For any further information, do not hesitate to contact me on 03 80 35 62 97.

Our contact details

4 rue du Fourneau - 21121 Val Suzon
Phone : +33(0)3 80 35 62 97